Monday Check-In
Nicole Dieker

We spent as estimated with one thing I hadn’t counted on but should have.

Friday- exactly as planned. Went for a long (5.5 miles! First time I’ve done that AND felt great after was in March before the hip muscle pull injury) and then home to pack some. Then walked across town to meet husbandman for Chicken and Rice Guys take away. We picnicked in the Common at the statue in the center and watched SO MANY Pokemon Go players. Statue location must be something important. Then home to pack more. Spent only $3 on some soda to go with dinner.

Sat — took kitty to vet. She’s healthy and microchipped now. She also got some booster shots, which was fun for her. Total came to $180 for all that and some flea stuff for if she decides she’s patio cat in the new place. Would’ve been more but I’ve known the vet since high school, so we apparently get the friends and family rate (I hadn’t known going in that was a thing. I just wanted to use a vet I knew and trusted). Anyhow, that comes out of kitty savings fund. Then we went out as a family for ice cream (vet is near Richardsons in Middleton and ice cream for lunch sounded good). Too hot to leave the cat in the car for even a few minutes, so she came in her carrier and sat on a bench with us. I got a great photo of her looking unimpressed with our life choices. $10.10 for ice cream and a precious memory. Then we spent the rest of the day packing, packing, packing. Ran to Goodwill ($0) and spent some time at the new place ($5 for corn and a bag of chips to go with the burgers we grilled and $5 on a box cutter to break down the pile of cardboard we had over there from patio furniture).

Sunday — Beavertail! Was as awesome as expected. Spent $32 on beer and $17 on snacks. Then we spent $52 at dinner, so it came out to the $100ish I’d estimated. Also spent $139.18 on registering for the Cambridge Half Marathon in November. Price increased today and we both really want to run the race, so we signed up. Had forgotten we needed to do that or I would’ve put it in the estimate.

Total: $125ish or what I had planned (which, yay!) but a further $140 that I had not planned. Whomp whomp.

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