Monday Check-In
Megan Reynolds

We spent so much money this weekend and there’s going to be a fair amount more spent this week/weekend.

Anyhow — Friday I did indeed go to the gym for a loooong run (11 miles) because I am still planning to run a half marathon in less than two weeks. My training has been lolololololz. But the 11 miles went well and I could’ve kept going, so I think I’ll be able to run the race without dying (which is 100% my goal right now. I had had dreams of finishing in 2:15 or so but that is very likely not happening). Husband got groceries ($10) and made dinner for us and then we went to bed early because long week was long.

Saturday: Slept in, husband got me french toast from the cafe next door ($6) and I made him eggs (since he still can’t really chew all that well), and then I got my hairs did ($195, not the $175 I’d planned on because they’ve raised their prices a bit. Since this is the first price increase in about six years, I’m not going to complain). Then got LS older sister and took her to Ikea with us because she needed some stuff for her dorm room. I think we spent a bit under $400 on what we needed and what M. needed, though we did not get everything we needed, so we’ll be going back next weekend most likely. We did get Swedish meatballs though and had those for dinner. We also stopped off at Target to M. a few other things she needed ($75).

Sunday: woke up, ran to the North End to get a zipvan ($75 in total) and some cookies to bring to his parents ($10). Then went to their place to retrieve a twin mattress/box spring/frame, stopping at McDonalds on the way for lunch ($12?). Brought it home and set up a room for the LS. Then we got some pizza ($25?) and girded our loins and went and got the LS. She was not nearly as much of a snot as I feared she’d be, so that was good. We did a bit of math and a bit of french in prep for quizzes today and talked some more about behaving appropriately and things like that. Then I helped her blow dry her hair and we sent her to bed at 10pm. It went about as smooth as I think it could go. We’ll see how the rest of the week goes.

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