My coworker just said that the GOP Healthcare bill doesn’t matter because it won’t affect us
I’m so fired up today. It has been A WEEK!
Triple Oxer

Your coworker is a shortsighted moron. It will literally effect everyone, full stop. If you get your insurance through your employer it will effect you. Specifically the bill removes the provision that workplace insurance plans can’t have a lifetime cap. With that gone, it will be entirely fair game for a company to kick you off if you reach that lifetime limit. And usually all it takes is one major medical crisis to hit that max.

And beyond that, taking ~24 million people off health insurance will only drive up the costs overall because the overall pool of people is smaller and likely to sicker. The whole reason most businesses were for the ACA was that premiums were rising faster than they could keep up with, even in very large companies. This puts us back to the mid 2000s.

Those who do not learn from history, etc, etc.