Friday Estimate
Nicole Dieker

Zomg. Did work try to kill anyone else this week or was it just me? And it wasn’t even the level of work I had to do, it was literally every single thing going to hell at the same time. My 6ft biosafety cabinet keeps going into alarm so I can’t use it and thus can’t do any virus work, the *brand new* incubator with my cells was improperly set up for both temperature AND CO2 but you could not tell that from the display, so my cells are hanging on by a thread and can’t be used in any assays currently, the fancy $50K cell counter and plate reader has been broken all week and the fun news is that the reason is probably because they never tested the new version of the software with the plate stacker so they’re apparently going to have rewrite the software, maybe send a tech out from Ohio, etc. I have spent SO many hours this week talking to them. So many. I am currently sitting here waiting for Dwaine, my new BFF, to call me again so we can work on this problem some more.

Anyhow, tonight I get on an airplane and fly out to Las Vegas to spend some time with my parents. We take the red eye Monday night, so it’s a short trip. My mom is still hella sick from surgery complications, so we don’t have any real plans. We may just spend our time hanging out with them and going for long, hilly runs at altitude in the heat. #goodtimes.

I know we’ll spend $50ish on dinner at the airport tonight but other than that I can’t really think of what to estimate. I’ll say $300 for various odds and ends.

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