Advantages of ATFS’s “Best of Breed” Approach

For our Smart Farm 2.0, we are applying our own best of breed approach. Here, we list you the advantages of our innovative Smart Farm 2.0 in bullet points.

2 min readJan 3, 2018


  • No regional barriers. Different types of crops can be grown anywhere in the world as long as their growth requirements are met.
  • Less water usage. One-twentieth of water compared to soil-based farming.
  • Higher nutritional value in crop. It’s been proven that vitamin content is 50% higher in hydroponically grown plants than conventional ones.
  • Production is possible all year round. There are no worries about the changing seasons.
  • Eco-friendly environment. Does not require pesticides, fertilizers and other chemicals, as there is no chance of soil-borne diseases or pests.
  • Higher production yield. 14~15 full production cycles per year secured. It provides controlled environment than soil-based farming and yield is higher from same amount of space.
  • Requires less space compared to a soil farm as plants with small roots can be grown closer to each other.
  • Less labor, minimal upkeep.
  • Simpler nutrient balance control.
  • No soil set-up and testing hassles.
  • Automatic harvesting is potentially available.

…And more…!

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