Agri-Revolution and the Innovations in Energy

Today’s post is outside of what is shared in our whitepaper. We want to share our progressive directions with our community more and more as our project moves along. We want to be transparent and we want you to get familiar with our business as our supporters.


As the energy industry advances, various systems and efficient management methods have also systematically evolved. Many of these improvements are not directly within the energy industry, as energy is needed to do almost anything now. This is probably why there is a continued growth of energy industry and continued increase in household energy consumption.

A combination of environmental and political factors is involved in policing eco-friendly energy generation worldwide. Therefore, the unit price of power generation will always be higher than the market price. To achieve a working conservation system, the world would need a technological innovation to achieve grid parity.

So let’s focus now. Let’s work within the realms of what we know best, agriculture.

In terms of agriculture, there is a need for multiple energy sources, for example, if and when electricity is cut off, there needs to be an alternative energy source to not affect cultivating crops. Even to efficiently manage our Smart Farm 2.0, we need a lot of electrical energy resources. For example, we need a cooling system in the summer to lower the temperature to suit the plant’s growing environment and a heating system in the winter. Of course, the efficiencies vary depending on the cooling systems and we are making efforts to build cost-effective systems, but the Achilles heel is the fact that all systems need electricity. It is critical to lower agricultural electricity costs via renewable energy.

So we are proud to present SOLAR THERMAL POWER GENERATOR.

Imagine being able to turn solar rays on clear days to electricity. The produced electricity is then stored in a generator connected to a cooling/heating system that operates 24/7/365. This is the energy source of ATFS’s cost-effective Smart Farm 2.0 system that is implementable worldwide–in all locations with sufficient sunlight.

This is the innovation that will achieve grid parity in agriculture: Smart Farm 2.0 is a private power generation equipment connected to a smart farm.

With a couple of years of operational data, a unique self power generating smart farm personalized for your needs and crops could be installed around the globe. This is our ultimate long-term goal for our Smart Farm 2.0 business, and we know that these farms will change the world of agriculture for the better.