How to Buy ATFS Tokens Using Your MyEtherWallet

First, if you do not yet have ATFS account or a MyEtherWallet address, check out the following links and then come back here:

For successful ICO participation, NEVER send money from your wallets in exchanges.

An exchange wallet is a wallet that is conveniently provided, and is not a personal, safe and password-protected wallet on the blockchain. This is also the reason why we gave you instructions to create a new MEW address.

Okay, so let’s invest in ATFS!

1. Sign in on ATFS Dashboard and go to “Purchase ATFS” Page

Input your wanted ETH amount and click on the blue button beside it. All other fields should automatically change.

2. Enter in your personal Ethereum wallet address in the red box as shown below.

3. Don’t know what address this is? This is how you can get your account address from MyEtherWallet

  • Go to MyEtherWallet:
  • Go to “Send Ether & Tokens” tab.
  • Choose how you would like to access your wallet. For instance, if you choose to access using your keystore file, select the wallet file as indicated below. You could also access your wallet easily by inputting your private key.
  • Put in your password and click “Unlock” button.
The red box “Account Address” is what you need to put into our dashboard.

4. Save your ETH address on ATFS Dashboard–after triple checking as it CANNOT be changed once saved.

Click “Save” button beside the ETH address field.

5. Click “Pay with ETH” button and get our unique Token Sale ETH address. Click “Copy to Clipboard” button.

6. Return to MyEtherWallet to send ETH.

  • Set Gas Price to 60 Gwei & Gas Limit 23000 to make sure your ETH gets sent properly without delays. (Extra gas fee will be refunded.)
  • In the “To Address” field, paste the sale address copied in the last step.
  • In the “Amount to Send” field fill in the amount of ETH you wish to use buying ATFS tokens.
  • Click “Generate Transaction” button.

7. You can check this transaction on ATFS Dashboard’s “History — My Transactions” Page.

If you need further assistance, do not hesitate to reach out to us on our open chatrooms.


  1. Please only transfer ETH from your account while the sale is live. Be vigilant about attempts to encourage you to transfer ETH before the sale has started or after it has ended. If you detect any suspicious behaviour, please contact us at
  2. Confirm the TOKEN SALE ADDRESS. It is crucial that the address is accurate. Copy the address any way you like to ensure you have the right one. Using a wrong address will result in failure to participate in the sale and losing your ETH.
  3. Please only refer to the website for the wallet address. Be vigilant about phishing — the attempt to obtain sensitive information for fraudulent or malicious uses. We will not send the wallet address by email nor ask you to send us any sensitive information. If you detect any suspicious behaviour or want to confirm the authenticity of any ATFS related announcement, please contact us at

Please also read our Terms & Conditions before investing.

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