Press Release: ATFS Lab Makes Strategic Alliance with ADOS, a Blockchain Company in Promoting Next Generational Agri-Revolution

ATFS Lab (AgriTech & Food Science Lab, hereinafter referred to as ATFS) has made a strategic alliance with ADOS, a blockchain technology company, in plans to accelerate the development of blockchain platforms and related technologies for the next-generation agricultural revolution.

The purpose of the alliance is to develop payment methods that are easily accessible to users in the agricultural sector and to realize a user-friendly blockchain platform. This means that more users will be introduced into ATFS’s agricultural revolution.

As a strategic alliance, ADOS has extensive experience in the field of blockchains. The company has developed blockchain-based ‘IOT device authentication algorithm’ technology and has a career in wallet development. In recent years, ADOS is actively investing in technology development, such as implementing ‘proof of work’ method and ‘proof of equity’ method algorithm, which are the core functions of the blockchain.

ATFS completed its ICO in February this year by presenting a business model that combines blockchains for the smart farm business.

“This strategic alliance will introduce a decentralized technology revolution in Korea’s agriculture sector and build a whole new revenue-based business and supply system together,” said ATFS representative, “We expect to lead the next revolution in agriculture.”

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