The ATFS’s Product Mix Explained: Functional Salads and Beyond

We have received many questions in regards to the produce that our smart farms will output. Salads! Okay… So what is different about ATFS compared to all the other salad-related companies that dominate the smart farm industry?

Upon hearing salad, most people draw a connection with going on a diet. We know the struggles of going on a diet from making new year resolutions and then unsuccessfully giving up over time to the constant temptations from new weight-loss products in the media! But we all know that when you only rely on the products, they don’t much help in losing weight. In the end, studies show that a controlled diet combined with exercise is the only way to successfully lose weight. However, to find a diet that is right for an individual is a challenge. Then how can we tackle this problem and offer a functional dietary product that is a one-stop solution for losing weight?

ATFS’s functional salad products are specialized using universally applicable microbiomes.

It may sound strange, but microbiome source is the solution we have found. Our salads will pioneer the dietary salad market, which we project it to be the evolution of the current salad market. In other words, we will be producing a delicious source of weight-loss food.

In 2006, an interesting research on the the function of the microbiome was carried out at Washington University ( The research obtained microbiomes from fecal samples of obese and lean mice and injected them into experimental mice. The mice transplanted with microbiome from obese mice were double the weight of the mice transplanted with microbiome from lean mice, and such pattern resulted similarly with humans.

With the rise of interest in the function of microbiome, pharmaceutical and bio-venture companies have started to develop different products within functional foods, cosmetics and medicines. We are seeing a rapid increase of probiotics with microbiomes to treat obesity, depression and irritable bowel syndromes.

Likewise, ATFS plans to strategically collaborate with biotechnology companies that R&D microbiome-related functional foods to produce our vision of functional salads. Our mid-term goal is to enter the specialized salad market with our salads. Our long-term goal is to differentiate our entire product mix by combining pre and probiotics, and to supply the world with fresh, healthy and functional menus.



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