Function of the Blockchain in ATFS Project

ATFS’s Disruptive Decentralized Platform (DDP) is a unique marketplace and platform running on blockchain technology to facilitate trading of agricultural products and plant-based meats.

The key elements of the platform are smart contracts and the blockchain needed in two of three technical layers of DDP: Transaction Layer and Data Layer.

First, the Transaction Layer determines the terms and conditions of the goods to be traded in the DDP. These T&C’s are immediately reflected in the smart contract. After payment (cryptocurrency accepted), the tracking of the goods is activated with the Data Layer with the blockchain allowing the transparent trading process.

1. DDP Architecture

2. Use of the blockchain for the two of three layers of DDP

At the end of the day, we are creating a new type of food blockchain.

We store the product’s place of origin, producer, region and transactional movements. This way, we have information that guarantees food product safety & quality while getting regional data on supply and demand. We hope the DDP would be the place to go to buy an agricultural product inexpensively and secure food that is proven to be local or what it claims it to be (ie. organic from the seeds stage).

To launch this idea of food blockchains and to spearhead its use amongst the world’s food companies & organizations is ATFS’s vision with our development of the food blockchains. Our long-term goal is to have the food blockchains be widely used for secure verification for the benefit of transparency between agricultural producers and consumers worldwide.

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