Do you remember the first time you saw the BMW X6? I still remember it quite clearly. To my immature eyes, it was a radical vehicle. I was a few years removed from adulthood and every big block on wheels was my fancy. Some time later, it was no longer my fancy.

Here’s the first-gen BMW X6. Looks flabby, doesn’t it?

The truth, for me, is the BMW X6 kickstarted the crossover craze. Today, Rolls-Royce has the Cullinan, Bentley has the Bentayga, and Ferrari is developing one. Over here in India by the way, a crossover can be had for less than Rs 5,00,000 (or USD 7,166/EUR 6,332/GBP 5,625…

Automotive world is filled with great stuff. The Viper has been tamed and is — sadly — out of production (for the foreseeable future). A mid-engine Corvette is on its way. There is an electric pick-up truck on its way to market by 2020. However, this world is filled with some weird stuff too. One of them is the crossover craze (or SUV craze) around the world. Electric vehicles (EV) also feature among these weird things. Don’t get me wrong! I do think they are the vehicles of the future. But the way things are going, that future is quite…

Hello everyone. My previous two posts have been quite different from what I do on my blog. That got me thinking — the readers know so little about me. Outside of social media, I don’t get to interact with any of my readers. Then it dawned on me — I never talked about what made me start a blog of my own. This piece is a part of a series of pieces where I talk about what made me start my own blog. This piece speaks about what makes me interested in auto and tech industries.

What attracts me to…

Image — Wikimedia Commons

Just like any other person, I have different tastes. One of them is watching sports entertainment/wrestling. What makes me watch these people trash-talk and bash each other every week is their commitment to the cause. To entertain people, they create a character, live it, and put their bodies on the line. In WWE’s case, they stay on the road for almost an entire year (here’s an instance). These guys have my unconditional support because for me, they are no less than super humans.

One person who has been credited with making wrestling popular is Hulk Hogan (real name Terry Bollea)…

Sergio Marchionne — A guy worth remembering

Sergio Marchionne, the late CEO of Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA), left us on July 25, 2018. At 66, he left this world when his plan regarding FCA’s future started making sense to me. As I write this piece, I feel uneasy. I knew him less than many other people in the journalism world. The only information and knowledge of Sergio I have is via third-party sources or through his various interactions with press.

Sergio wasn’t a perfect man and that’s perfectly fine. For me, his traits like honesty, clarity, and aggression were all that mattered. His sense of purpose and…


Tech + auto enthusiast. Belief — Be opinionated and flexible. Aim — To solve a problem a day (to start with). Best work on

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