E3: Results of the Quality Matters — Eduventures Survey of Chief Online Officers Complimenting the ITC Survey Findings | #elearning2017

Ron Legon — Executive Director Emeritus, Quality Matters

ITC 2015: eLearning “is increasingly viewed as more mainstream and experiences a greater degree of organizational acceptance than in the past.”

In fall 2014 IPEDS data showed:

  • 1 in 10 Community Colleges were fully online
  • 13% of Associate Degree programs were fully online

Implications of mainstreaming online education

  • Base funding in institutional budgets
  • No longer treated as experimental and provisional
  • Faculty participation expected without special incentives

ITC 2015: “During the past eleven years, the direct report line for key distance learning personnel has shifted significantly from non-academic to academic administrators at the college.”

  • the majority of the people in these positions have a line in Academics

Limited first-year participation — 107 Institutions

  • Insufficient time to publicize this new effort
  • Difficulty in identifying COEOs
  • For-Profit institutions not sufficiently represented

ITC on Enrollment

  • The gradual reduction in online enrollment growth rate.
  • Enhanced competition [from] community colleges and univerities
  • 61% of institutions met student demand for online courses
  • In 38% of institutions student demand exceeded the supply of online courses
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