#elearning2017 | F1: The Super E-Student Initiative: A Creative Focus on Targeting Distance Education Learners

Breana Hidalgo, Instructional Designer, Pasco-Hernandez State College

Student Expectations

  • Document providing expectations for distance-learning students (so they could assess whether they’re prepared)
  • Mandatory course for students taking their first online class (shows up for every student — more of a self-discovery tool)
  • Business card-sized handout with quick-access information to resources (has QR code for access to the full guide & link to assessing their readiness)
  • Printed full page, front and back, infographic and corresponding resources (accessible PDF versions available to be sent out by eAdvisors)
  • Institutional mobile app with eLearning module for student success
  • Printed and laminated for quick-reference in learning centers on campus (posters that are printed and located in libraries and student centers)

All items are themed similarly so that they are easily recognizable.

Online Readiness Survey

Qualtrics — homegrown (publicly accessible via their website)

Results are emailed to their email address (that they enter), but not mandatory, more of a self assessment tool.

Planning to make the course mandatory:

  • There will be a hold on their account and they’ll not be able to register until they finished the course
  • The course would be available always & the students would have an amount of time (ex: one month) to complete the course, if they don’t complete the course during that time they’ll have to contact someone to “unlock” the course for them
  • Another college made this mandatory and it didn’t go so well…they then included it in ACA as an assignment

About a 4-hour course chunked and modularized.

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