#elearning2017 | G3: Gaining Faculty Buy-In and Commitment for Distance Education Excellence

Andrea Horigan, Instructor, Ventura College

Gwendolyn Lewis Huddleston, Dean of Distance Education, Ventura County Community College

Matthew Moore, Distance Education, Ventura College

First Steps to Building DE Success

  • Gaining administrative buy-in
  • Defining Roles of Leadership
  • Pulling together hand picked people
  • Researching what works
  • Creating the Committess
  • Establishing Goals and Wish lists
  • Agreeing upon Best Practices
  • Gaining Academic Senate support
  • Visiting Departments to relieve fear and gain buy-in

Second Steps to Building DE Success

Distance Education Advisory Committee Takes Action

  • Approved/Authored the DE Handbook
  • Approved/Authored Catalog, and Schedule Language
  • Created, and Adopted DE Course Rubric
  • Supported DE Certification Teaching Program

Third Steps Measure Goals, and Outcomes

  • Course Success
  • Student Success
  • Individual Instructor Success
  • Committee Goals Achievement
  • Institution Achievement of Goals (Closing the gap in student success comparison between DE and Like F2F Classes)
  • All Outcomes reviewed each semester with continual improvement focus

Practice what you preach — live it just like a student would!

Use the words “best practices” instead of trainings — this way faculty don’t see it as an insult to them in any way. Positive spin with the same goals!

Student orientation important part

  • ~ Hour and a half course that isn’t required — faculty send out an email prior to the start of the semester telling those that haven’t taken an online course before to please take the student orientation course
  • LMS intro
  • Netiquette
  • Quizzes
  • For every one that comes to a live session at least 3–4 attend the online session


  • Adopting Open Educational Resources
  • Humanizing the Online Classroom
  • Vetting Process of Instructors/Quality Control
  • Peer-to-Peer Mentoring
  • Better Understanding the Now, and Next Generation Student
  • Continual Professional Development
  • New Online Courses
  • New Online Programs/Degrees
  • OEI Course Exchange beyond the pilot
  • Continuing the Path of Transforming and Improving Student Success
  • First-Year Counseling Experience for Online Students
  • Professional Development Online for Just in Time Learning

Focus less on increased enrollment but SLOW DOWN and cleanup, improve quality, train faculty and THEN it will grow. Don’t compromise retention, quality and student success! Faculty will stand up for student quality, retention, and success if you get them on board!

Faculty at VC are only allowed to teach up to half their load online (2 courses)

Faculty receive coagulated (per course — not section) success rates at the end of each semester.

DE website: http://www.venturacollege.edu/online-services/distance-education

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