Why is Swiggy winning

They say the fastest way to a man’s heart is by preparing amazing food. Next best thing is a frictionless way to order via Swiggy

Why Swiggy is winning?

- got its USP clearly defined — food delivery

- fantastic onboarding experience

- sharp mouth watering pictures front and center(nothing beats a professionally taken yummy Biryani pic than a bunch of menu cards)

- large pictures of food than showing the restaurant names(when you are in a mood to eat, nothing provokes you more to buy certain dish than the picture than a restaurant name)

- even an unknown/smaller restaurant has a good chance of being discovered with such good photos than just by a restaurant name being chosen for exploring food.

- order creation/tracking/customer service : just gave a good feeling that my online order is not lost somewhere- esp when I’m hungry and waiting for food. No one is more mad than waiting for food, and an hour later you get notified that order was messed up. Never enrage a hungry monster.

After food, a good feedback system and more importantly an easy to use repeat order system.

They could have improved in digital marketing techniques applied to get me back into the app to buy again as well as refer my friends.

I think a gentle notifications or emails nudging me to come back was good, but was not that inspiring. Maybe the timings of those msgs should be when I’m absolutely hungry.(just after noon until 1pm or 7pm -8pm)

Over all a happy customer rooting for a company to succeed.

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