“Greetings Stranger, Are You a Surface or a Mirror?”

You’ve stumbled into our corner of the internet. Are you lost? Do you need direction?

This is a blog about difference.

Yes, you read that correctly, difference (adverb) — the act of producing a change.

Often, what we encounter in the contemporary media cycle situates itself around discussions that are recycled and re-packaged. Different ideas are rarely voiced yet alone explored.

This blog conceives itself as a small push for generating and analysing long-form conversations and ideas that produce difference; questioning what conversations enable us to shift our position from observer to agent, whilst interrogating what spaces these conversation occupy. This is a blog about critique, authorship and audience.

There will be regular updates throughout each month featuring long-form original articles, photography and links to important conversations.

Who am I? You could say that I’m a eulogist for the long intimate email, and now email is dead. These are notes from an analogue witness, it’s more than a headspace, it’s an online space of residual self image.

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