Photo-Essay & Review: ALL-IN Exhibition

Athanasios Lazarou
Jul 11, 2016 · 4 min read

(24th June 2016, as published in How Now Is Soon)

The ALL-IN Exhibition showcases the best student work from across the School of Architecture & Built Environment at the University of Adelaide. The biannual end-of-semester exhibition provides a chance for the school to come together and reflect on the collective output of all year levels (hence the name). Curated by staff, run by students, and facilitated by the Architectural Design Student’s Association (ADSA), the exhibition fosters a culture of collective and constructive design criticism.

The difficulties in assessing the merit of student work arranged collectively imparts a judgement on the always-shifting culture of the school itself. Yes, obvious and repeated pitfalls were on show (student work often presents a design immaturity that embraces empty metaphor at the expense of programmatic development, lovingly so), but the overal trends were noticeably positive. Renders sought to inform rather than obscure, technical skills were consistent and of a high level, and graphic layout was simplified rather than sexy.

This semester’s exhibition saw key competencies in model making excitingly mature. Mixed methods and materials aptly provoked dramatic intersections in both form and content. Metal was arranged with plastic and perspex as natural objects were treated in composition to more orthodox modelling techniques. The militaristic display of dozens of models on pedestals throughout the labyrinthine school corridors allowed a sense of purpose to articulate itself well beyond aphorism. Work was presented largely in context to idea-generation, allowing for productive conversations to fill the night.

Critically, the All-IN provides the social infrastructure for the first responder who says that an unknown student is going places.

Athanasios Lazarou

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I’m a prize-fighter with my brain. #architect #theorist #researcher

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