There are some journeys in our lives that we just wish should never end, go on forever. The only journeys where we wish the destination should never arrive. The thing that makes them so, is that they are timeless. You forget about time like it didn’t exist. Everything seems so surreal. Each and every moment is perfectly captured and you can gaze at it as long as it is possible.

Another thing which makes such journeys special is the person accompanying you. The thoughts, conversations, sentiments flow so effortlessly, that you open up that chapter of your life you usually tend to hide. You meet some people in your life who take you to a place where no one else can and that journey is so beautiful, you cherish it your entire life.

I wish that journey would have never ended

With the fading shine of the sun
my journey with you began,
Tears started lingering the eyes
some carrying sorrow and some smiles

I casted myself beside you
while gazing upon your misty eyes,
Deep like an ocean and bright
like evening star in the skies

Started the conversation wherein
the only thing to stop it was thirst,
Revealed were such stories like how
pearls get revealed with every wave

With the increasing shine of moon
and cold air touching our skin
Deeper were the words, feelings,
and comforting silence

Time lapsed as the steam on
cup of tea evaporates
Leaving this endless conversation
which I will never forget

I wish we will have
more such endless journeys
So that each time I can say,
“I wish this journey would have never ended”