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Synergy of a Business Analyst and UX Designer

The Business Analyst (BA) and User Experience Designer (UX) are both responsible to meet the needs of users or organizations from a technological perspective. These two roles have skills and functions that may overlap and may use design thinking within their roles. Although a BA is often considered to have more of a business focus while an UX professional is considered to focus more on the end-user as well as the design. The reality is that the BA needs to consider the user needs along with the UX design process.

An Overview of BA & UX Roles on an individual perspective

Creative Consulting

An Innovative Approach Towards Problem Solving

What is Design Thinking ?

What comes in to your head when you hear “Design Thinking”? You are probably thinking of a print you’ve seen on your shirt or a well-designed building? Yes! That’s what you need to be thinking of! Do you know how simple life gets when initially visualize your plan? Likewise, we can apply this process to other aspects in our life.

Well, let me first define what design thinking is, it is an iterative approach to problem solving that intentionally seeks out people with different perspectives, knowledge, skills and experience and enables them to work together to create a practical solution…

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What is user story mapping ?

User story mapping is one of the best possible options in the world of Agile to organize the the required features of a product mainly in software development from the perspective of your customers or users. It is a simplified way of defining things that your user can do (known as user stories) within the context of your core user journeys.

In other words, it would be a mapping out of user stories where in the product team would be portraying the story of the customer journey and break it into parts and chunks. …

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