1 Year of Atheios

May 12th, 2019 marks the one year anniversary of launching the Atheios mainnet!

Monetary Update

As scheduled in the Atheios Monetary Policy, after the first 365 days (1,433,454 blocks), the block reward from mining will reduce from 10 to 9, and the development fund reward will increase from 0.2 to 0.3 for the next 365 days.

Atheios Spark: Forge

To celebrate our first year anniversary we have updated the Atheios Spark: Forge section of our website, and you can now download and play the demo!

Atheios Spark: Forge is an early, in development game demo created by the Atheios team. We are using Atheios Spark: Forge to explore new and unique ways of integrating Atheios and smart contracts into game play. Atheios Spark: Forge is a 3D single player, first person shooter style game, with some RPG elements. While Atheios Spark: Forge is a single player experience, an internet connection is required to interact with the Atheios blockchain and smart contracts.

DISCLAIMER: Atheios Spark: Forge is an in development demo project and may contain some bugs. If you have any questions, please be sure to join us on Discord!


Bloxxchain is a web based, real-time puzzle game. Atheios integration has recently been added, and three competitive leaderboards have been setup. Bloxxchain is still in the development and testing phase, so please be sure to join us on Discord and give your feedback in the #bloxxchain channel!

Bronze Leaderboard — Pay 1 ATH per play.
Silver Leaderboard — Pay 5 ATH per play.
Gold Leaderboard — Pay 10 ATH per play.

Winning the Leaderboard:
40% of the pot will be rewarded to the top player in each league, 20% to the second, and 10% to the third. The remaining 30% will be used for further game development.

Play, have fun, and climb to the top of the leaderboard to claim your reward!


Atherlore is a Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Play Game that is currently in the very early stages of development by the Atheios team. Since our last blog post, we have been testing the addition of a Player vs Player (PvP) Arena.

We are continuing to work on adding more gameplay and content to Atherlore, here are a few things we are working towards for our next update later this summer:

  • Upgrading Unity version for the Atherlore client
  • Upgrading Servers for stability
  • Better loading screens (ability to async load, smoother transitions, progress bar, game tips, etc)
  • Mini Map (show world markers, quests, resource nodes, etc)
  • UI Improvements
  • Work on the level 11–20 zone Marra
  • Work on level 11–20 skills and spells
  • There may be a new playable race…

New Mining Pools

Two new Atheios mining pools have joined the network. Help spread the hash rate around and check these pools out!

Block Explorers

Some bug fixes have been deployed to the primary explorer at atheios.com and our alternate explorer (scan.atheios.com) has been upgraded and is now hosted by Community Contributor Kek-Mex (who also runs ATHMiners.com pool.)

Discord Update

We have recently had to make some changes to lockdown our Discord from the invasion of spam bots. When you join our Discord as a new user, you will now receive a message from the Atheios Verify bot. Once you confirm that you are a human, you will be granted access. We had to implement these measures due to bots joining the Discord who would then start direct messaging our users with malicious content.