The Atheios community fund

As Atheios is a coin supported by community, without an ICO or a pre-mine, we need to develop tools to attract talent and ideas to this coin. In this context the idea of the ATH community fund is born.

The value and future of ATH is dependent on a simple fact: we need to develop more use cases and outline a long term vision for the coin. As the team around Atheios is working on the latter, it has become clear that we need to strengthen the external development base for this coin with focus on use cases. Here’s where the idea of a community fund comes in handy..

Who can provide funds?


Everyone can give a little bit. It’s quite easy to contribute. Just open your wallet and transfer funds to the address 0x8AA77281E4854dafe6fa67bf38cBbA2A27BaA222 via the send function of the wallet. Any donation is very appreciated.


Pools are an important foundation to the Atheios ecosystem, but we would like to request pools that charge a fee to miners, to consider donating a small portion of that fee to the community multisig wallet. If you are a pool that contributes to the community fund, we will highlight you in our pool lists and also provide a logo/badge for you to show off your support for our community.


If an Exchange supports Atheios by donating a small portion of their fees to the Community wallet, we will make sure to highlight their contributions and also provide a logo/badge to show off their support for our community.

Who benefits from the funds?

Our focus with the fund is to develop the ATH ecosystem, be it with use cases, extensions, games or alike. We want to stimulate the growth of ideas and the execution of those ideas. Steve Balmer said: “Developers, Developers, Developers”. This is key, and will be the central focus for using the community fund.

How much is in the fund and how is allocation of the funding decided?

At Atheios, it is all about transparency. Here is a link to the Community Fund wallet:

Here is a link to the regulations we have put into place:

Decisions on the spending of the fund are make by the Atheios team — separated from the founder Berran, who manages the dev fee fund — via a multisig wallet. Proposals for the fund spending can be submitted to the team and will be reviewed within 2 weeks upon submission . And to be clear: No money goes to the decision makers. This is a project inspired and supported by the community.

The funds are open

Now it is just up to you to engage. Come with ideas or funds. We believe that these funds will provide Atheios a tool to expand our community, increase engagement, and strengthen Atheios as a platform. Yes, we have ambitions: Let’s make history.