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Atheios team
Dec 1, 2019 · 4 min read

A community update for November 2019

Our vision

After this summer we have started to revamped our vision for Atheios as gaming crypto currency: We want to build an ecosystem around Atheios. An ecosystem is (in general use) a complex network or interconnected system which nourishes of each other. Our ecosystem will be around the game developers, the gamers and the Atheios blockchain. So how do they relate to each other?

The game developer:

  • Game developers constantly look into monetisation. They spend time to deliver an interesting idea and the last thing they want (although sometimes they still need) is to clutter the game with advertising. We don’t think this is the right way to go. With each Atheios spend the developer can get a kickback. And it is not us who decide the kickback, it is the developer himself - after all we are not Apple.

The gamer

  • Of course it is fun to be the leader of the pack, this drives gamers. But what if You would be the leader of the pack and would actually get rewarded to be the leader of the pack, or maybe the 2nd or 3rd. With each game You will need to spend some Atheios to enter the game, but if You win Your skills will be rewarded. We will offer developers different levers to decide the entry fee, the rewarding scheme and how much if given to the developer himself.

The Atheios blockchain

  • We are not taken any fees. Nothing, nada, nix. We want the ecosystem to thrive and as we are not Apple, we are not taking a 30% cut. Our cut is zero. However, with each game a certain percentage of coins are getting burned. That burn rate is 3%. 97% go to the remaining ecosystem: gamers and game developers. The burn rate will over time increase the value of Atheios. This will make us happy and everyone invested in Atheios.

We will make now efforts to develop the building blocks to realise this vision. Work has started and some more information can be read here:

Building out the property

In order to have full visibility into the blockchain we have setup a couple of new properties which we want to shortly introduce, partly also we have substantially upgraded them. All assets are on github (, after all we are a community project and fully transparent. Let us start with the most integral part, the explorer.

The explorer:

Have You done a transaction? The explorer is the place You can track any movements. This month we changed to a new explorer and are grateful of the work the people at blockscout have been done. You can not only see the recent status of the block chain, like block count and block time, but also things like transactions etc. And of course everything is searchable.

If You are at a need of a richlist ( the most prominent owners of Atheios ) You can find that too.

Atheios uses the blockscout explorer

The statistics:

Didn’t get enough stats yet? Dive in even more data on the statistic page. Our personal favourite is the buy and sell book: there You can see how many buy and sell orders are available over different periods of times. Our why not checking out the hash rate and other stats. Different zoom levels are available to dig into different data sets. The website will be regularly updated.

The statistic website ovvers a more detailed insight in the Atheios blockchain

I want to get my own data:

Atheios offers an own API where certain data can be fetched by external parties. Through easy API calls JSON formatted results are delivered and can be processed by clients. The intention is on the long run to have a private interface and and a public interface to keep the traffic under control.

You can get Atheios information via an API

Next steps

Game development

DigDeep from the core team has started to build a RPG using Atheios. As he is in the startup process a first render of his main character has been posted on the #game-dev channel on the Atheios discord server ( He stated that the character represents him. We are more than curious what comes next.

Portal development

LegacyTRX is working on the portal implementation to onboard developers. Updates will be posted in the next weeks in the #integration-dev channel on the Atheios discord (

That’s it for November. We will send out the next update before Christmas.


Want to join us? Have ideas? Want to invest? Can code? Head over to us on our discord server, or visit our website.


Atheios team

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The team behind the Atheios gaming crypto currency, check us out on Focused to build an ecosystem for gaming for gamers and game developers.

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