Trump Supporters

I don’t think there is anything I can say about Donald Trump that has not already been said. In fact I am almost positive that there is nothing I can say about this election that hasn’t been beat to death and if you are like me you are beyond sick of hearing about the circus that was the last 18 months and every colossal mistake that now president trump makes. However, the night that Trump got elected was the night that I went from considering starting a blog to making damn sure that the next time something catastrophic happened to America and by proxy the world I would be able to say that I was a member of the fight against the idiotic, the uninformed, and the nihilistic and I committed to writing this blog. So while nothing I can say about the election hasn’t already been said dozens if not hundreds of times, this post is going to focus on Trump supporters and the damage you did and my absolute and utter disdain for you. Today you get all of my ire.

First mention goes to third party voters and while technically these people are not Trump supporters they still deserve some fury. The way that our system works, and this is hardly revelatory, is that one of two parties wins every November. I heard countless stories about people who would not vote for Trump so instead they wasted their vote on a third party candidate and wasted is the correct word here. People who always vote republican couldn’t because they couldn’t support Trump. That means these people were well aware how toxic Trump is and would be for the country, however despite this they did not vote for the only candidate who had a shot at beating him. This is every bit as useless as not voting. If you won’t vote for the republican candidate because you “just can’t” then you know how deplorable he is. You know how dangerous he is and how awful he would be and now will is as president, and even with this knowledge that you possessed you still didn’t vote for the only candidate that could have beaten him. You do not get a gold star for recognizing the wrong person and then doing nothing about it. You are just as much to blame as everyone who voted for Trump.

Second mention goes to the nihilists who thought it would be funny to put Trump in office. I don’t know what this number is but if even one person thought this way that is too many. You contributed to electing a racist, misogynistic, bigoted, xenophobic, overly sensitive, and stupid man to the most powerful position in the world for your better amusement. Fuck you.

Third goes to the women who voted for Trump, because somehow, for some reason, millions of women voted for a sexual predator and make no mistake, a sexual predator is now in office. Admittedly, the secret service will prevent him from grabbing any more women by the pussy for the next four years if only because they don’t allow any women within grabbing distance of him during that time, but he is a sexual predator and there is no other word for him. What were you thinking? This is not rhetorical, I genuinely would love to know the thoughts that went through your head when you voted for a man who has 0 respect for women, thinks they should be relegated to the kitchens, and claimed that there is no way that he would grab the women that he grabbed because of how they looked. You hear that women who voted for this “man,” you are only in danger if you are attractive. For the women who think “yes he’s done some regrettable things in the past, but this is a job not a character assessment,” how can it be anything but that? One’s character will impose itself on the decisions that one makes over the next four years, and his character is one that degrades and demeans women because he believes that he can. And by voting for him, all you have done is give him permission to continue with these abominable acts. What is the most mind boggling thing about this, what is the most insane ridiculous enigma here, is that the alternative wasn’t another old white man, it was a woman! You, who voted for Trump, chose a rapist over a woman. Whether or not you agree with her policies, whether or not you like her, whether or not you think she has been a member of the system for too long, you didn’t feel like some sort of solidarity was required? 8 years ago we elected a black man and every single person who voted for him helped to make history. They voted a black man into office. You could have had the same impact on history but you chose Donald Trump and if he is remembered as a historical figure you can bet it won’t be for any positive reasons. And let’s revisit the arguments against Hillary Clinton. You don’t like her. You don’t have to like her. To any president prior to the one that is going to take office in 2 months whether or not you liked him was irrelevant, he didn’t care, however now you have voted for a man that will try to make it illegal to dislike him. You don’t like Hilary’s policies. They are better than Trump’s. You know how I know this? Because Trump hasn’t told anyone what his policies are. He’s going to make America great again, he’s going to kick Isis’ ass, he’s going to save the world from China, this rhetoric (and I use the term loosely) doesn’t mean anything. And in the almost 4 weeks since he has taken office he has not changed this evasive stance where he avoids anything even remotely resembling a decision. So whether or not you liked Hillary Clinton’s policies, at least she had policies. You think that Hillary has been a member of the system for too long. I respond to this with one question for you, since when is experience a bad thing? Maybe there would be four years of gridlock and nothing new would happen. This would have been a realistic risk of electing Mrs. Clinton, and yes, something will happen under Donald Trump. Whether he renegotiates the Iran deal, or pulls out of the Paris Peace Accord or doesn’t defend a member of NATO, something will happen, but it will be far worse than four years of gridlock. Shame on any woman who voted for Donald Trump.

Fourth goes to the disillusioned, the unemployed and the poorly educated who think that Trump will be a champion for them and will lead to more jobs and higher wages. I have no doubt that you are struggling. I am not a rich person. I appreciate that working multiple jobs is difficult and I understand the lure of more jobs and higher wages, but you have put your trust in a “blue-collar billionaire.” This is quite simply not a thing. Blue-collar billionaire is the epitome of an oxymoron. You have decided to trust somebody who has no idea what it means to work for a living. You have voted for someone who has stacked his cabinet with nothing but millionaires and billionaires. What possible chance does Donald Trump have of understanding what you are going through? Better yet, why do you believe even for a second that he will care enough to help you? He is a narcissist, he has already come under fire for conflicts of interest and it is clear he is only looking after Donald Trump.

Last goes to the racists, the white supremacists, the bigots, the homophobes, the people throwing up heil hitler signs now that Trump has won, all the people that tune into Breitbart News. You have decided to come out of the shadows and for the time being you feel safe. You are not safe. You are horrible, disgusting people and you have aligned yourself with the side that will lose. The proof of this is in the millions of people protesting the night that Trump’s deplorable Muslim ban was announced. You Neo Nazis will continue to do what it is that you do and you’re safety is an illusion.

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