Double, Double, Penguin Trouble

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I was walking through the shop with my sister by my side,

searching for a gift for my dear, sick Aunt Alibi.

Up and down danced my eyes,

awing at the splendid sight of merchandise stocked up on all sides: rocks of different colors, shapes, and sizes on the bottom left, Dr. Who figurines and scientific crafts on the bottom right, faux historical documents and sugar covered insects on the top left, stuffed animals and shirts on the top right.

It was all too wonderful. I wanted them all. But dad said, “No, off you go!”

So I explored the whole store like an explorer would. I went North to the ports, South to the giraffes’ mouths, East where lies the beasts, and West where geodes stood at their shinning best.


Oh poohy! I thought. Was there nothing more?

Ah, but there was!

Down to the top right, I spy with my little eye…

a penguin so plump, fluffy, and beautiful that it looked as though it could come to life.

But as I marveled at the sight of the gift for Dear Aunt Alibi,

surprise, surprise,

came a girl that was just my size. Apparently she had her glass eyes set on my little darling as well. I couldn’t let that girl have it. After all, Dear Aunt Alie deserved the best.

But what luck!

Just before she reached out her hand to touch my dear, she spotted another possible child,

Just as sweet as a cat filled with tears.

It was a pink one with big, bulging eyes, a head as big as its body, and wings that were covered in what happened to look like cheap, rough looking, white cotton shaped like full moons. Think of it as sort of creature features that came out of Japanese children’s cartoons.

Photo taken by Anonymous.

“Hmmmm…” said the girl as she picked up the pink one. “This one looks cute, but the other one looks realistic.” She placed the pink one back on the shelf and picked up the black one on the top shelf. “This one looks realistic, but the other one looks cute.”

On and on she went, picking up one penguin, putting the other one back, picking up one, putting one back. Pink or black, black or pink, this or that, that or this? The poor girl couldn’t decide. “This one looks cute, but the other one looks realistic. That one looks realistic, but the other one looks cute.” she repeated to herself.

Tick, tock, tick, tock, went the old grandfather clock.

The girl was taking forever.

But being the genius I am, I thought of a clever plan…


A gust of wind appeared out from my mouth and into her ear.

“Take the pink one.” it whispered.

The girl did what she was told. Nothing more.

Just as she turned her head and headed for the register however, two words flashed in her mind, “Oh no!”

She turned her head,

Ran back to the counter.

But to her dismay,

The penguin was a goner.

By Whom? she thought.

A second too later. Of course…

So she went on her way,

Crying “boo hoo”

For the rest of the day.


And now it’s mine! MUWHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Photo taken on September 2nd, 2017. Sorry for the bad quality! My phone’s camera isn’t that great.

Dedicated to my troubled friend and roommate Kira Curry. Hope this story will bring about some good laughs as you plan your steps to take over the world.

Dedicated to my little sister, Diana Baker, who was born on October 24, 1997, and died on July 24th, 2017. Love you lots wherever you are.

Behind-the-scenes talk: One day, while my father, sister, and I were walking through the Pink Palace Museum gift shop, my little sister spotted a penguin that she liked. However, another girl wanted that same penguin, as well as a pink one. So my sister told her to take the pink one and my sister ended up getting the penguin that she wanted. It was such a funny, sweet story. I forgot that I posted this on Deviantart two years ago. Here’s a link to the original one if you’re interested. I just modified this one a little to make it flow better: