Poem for my dead Sister/Letter from a Psychotic Sister
Athena Zhang Baker

For those of you not familiar with millennial writing or have never grown up watching “South Park”, basically, when I said, “In your heart (if you have one), In your soul(I know, sounds creepy)”, I don’t mean as in my sister’s mean and she doesn’t have a heart or a soul, I’m basically describing physical objects in the physical human body. As for the comments inside the ()s, that was me making a butt-monkey out of myself, not out of my own sister. In other words, please don’t be offended by my use of double entendres. I am a millennial so expect that I will write like one.

I’m only saying that because it sucked two days before my grandparents paid their respects to my sister that my poem got rejected, despite the fact that I tried to censor those two lines and my mom originally liked it before my dad got ants-in-his-pants about the two lines without considering the poem as a whole.

Yeah, this is what happens when you don’t learn to read a poem in its entirety and take with a grain of salt, each and every single one of those parts that make the poem a whole. Take Robert Frost’s poem, “The Road not Taken” for instance, in which the poem(as a whole) is really about being wise about the decisions you make, regardless of what path you take, NOT about being different from everybody else.