Feminism is Sexism

Last time in history when it was fashionable, publicly acceptable and even encouraged to discriminate, exclude, belittle or scapegoat against large groups of people purely based on their genes, was under Nazi Germany.

How is it possible that nowadays it’s once again widely & publicly acceptable to discriminate against people based on their genes? The difference between men and women is one chromosome. We are the same specie. How did we end up blaming everything on roughly 50% of the population, who are identifiable solely based on their genes?

How did we ended up in a political culture, where individuals simply cannot applying critical thinking to mainstream illiberal feminist ideologies without being threatened, excluded or humiliated? How is this left illiberalism is different from the religious right’s dogmatism, where you have to accept the dominant narrative as a whole without even thinking about raising any questions, no matter how ridiculous it is?

Let’s play a game

Take any given feminist propaganda — google anything —and replace the word “Patriarchy” with “Jewish People”.

Suddenly, you will get sentences like this:

Jewish people control the world
To get at the connection between jewish people and war, it is necessary to look at the links between jewish people and both the state and bureaucracy, as well as between jewish people and the military.

See how suddenly it became publicly unacceptable and shameful to talk about some people — particularly identified by their genes — this way? This is outright racist, and condemned and banned in public discourse. This kind of speech is only acceptable among nazis, and neo-nazis. Then how is it become acceptable to use the very same language against ALL men?

Now let’s do another exercise. Do your search again, and now let’s replace the word “men” with “black men”.

This is what you will get:

All black men are rapists.
Black men are more aggressive.

See where are we getting now? How incredible racist and unacceptable it is to speak about a group of men, identified by their genes in this way? We came a long way to ban this kind of hate speech from public discourse. It is acceptable only among racists and neo-nazis. Then how come that the very same language is totally acceptable to bash, humiliate and attack men in public discourse? We are talking about an incredible large and diverse group, billions of people, 50% of the population!

“He who fights with monsters should look to it that he himself does not become a monster . . . when you gaze long into the abyss the abyss also gazes into you” — Frederick Nietzsche

While the first two main waves of feminism had undeniable, respectable and noble goals (rights to vote, equal rights and addressing very important and real issues), the current, third wave feminism (we could call it illiberal feminism) has an entirely different agenda.

Currently the mainstream illiberal feminist propaganda and narrative in first world countries is often operating with overly simplified, overused slogans and catch phrases to deceit the young and the masses. Their propagandists are not afraid to use falsified data or alternative facts in order to execute their agenda — which is just as harmful as the same tactics on the right.

But why? What is their actual goal? It’s clearly isn’t about equality anymore. Is it about superiority? Or could be there other, hidden factors behind the current narrative?

Divide et Impera

Even politicians are often standing behind some popular feminist slogan, such as the infamous, and debunked “women makes 23 cents less to a men” slogan. Besides of getting women’s votes, why would they further enable this narrative?

This is all just food for thought. It could be all just correlation, which doesn’t means causation. But it wouldn’t be surprising if we would find larger organizations, such as the state and it’s various agencies behind modern, illiberal feminist movements as it could help to execute both of their agendas, albeit for entire different reasons.

It is an ancient, fundamental leadership wisdom that the more divided a society is, the better to keep everything under control. When people are fighting with each other in fractions, instead of questioning people in power and the state it’s easier to keep them inline. We already have huge dividing lines among race, nationality, class, wealth and religion. Why shouldn’t we add genders to the toolbox?

Gender is such a basic, elementary division line between men and women; it’s not hard to imagine that when the advisors of people in power are coming up with the idea to give the feminist movement a little boost, and push it over a limit in order to further alienate men and women and make them fight with each other for utter nonsense instead of focusing on real issues, probably all the leaders would ask is that where can they sign it and how fast can this plan be executed. The advisors might would add that the indoctrination should start as early as possible, with a heavy focus on colleges, where they should train their first agents. Within a generation or two, they will have hundreds or maybe thousands of agents in all major educational institutions and media outlets.

And feminism is not just about an amazing societal control in any politician’s toolbox, it also doubles as a population control tool as it is encouraging women to give up even the idea of a family and spend their entire lives at a workplace, while often shaming stay at home moms and makes bashing men publicly acceptable. This will also double the workforce which is the best for the economy. Authoritarian regimes also always opted for solutions where they can put the entire society behind the assembly lines, albeit historically they used very different schemes, strategies and propaganda to achieve this.

Again, here are the correlations why a strategical government would be interested to advance modern, illiberal feminist agenda:

  • societal control — divide and rule
  • population control — produce instead of reproduce
  • economical increase — doubling the workforce

You might think it’s utter nonsense, nothing more than a conspiracy theory, and you might be right. But then again, it wasn’t that long ago that the CIA pushed even the agenda of modern art as a cold war weapon to show cultural superiority, and the very same organization also supported leading feminist Gloria Steinem.

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