Video invites increase conversions by up to 80%

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Video content and marketing strategies are quickly becoming a necessity in today’s business environment. With 80% of online content expected to be in the form of video by the year 2020, will your business be relevant in this dynamic landscape?

According to Nielsen’s Q1 2016 Total Audience Report, daily media consumption for adults is nearly 10 hours and 40 minutes. That’s almost half of a full day! YouTube’s latest figures top over a billion hours of videos streamed from their site daily and adults in the US consume over 5.5 hours of video daily. Video has become the preferred way to communicate in all aspects of business.

Video is powerful, it enables a firm to connect and engage with both new and existing customers like never before. Simply adding a video to your landing page can increase conversions by up to 80% ( Hainla, 2017). I doubt there is another form of marketing that has provided you with a similar return.

One of the most overlooked reasons for creating video content as part of a firm’s online presence is quite basic. It is an invitation. An invitation for potential customers to learn about your organization in a relaxed setting, it is an invitation for current customers to stay connected through rich media that engages them, it is an invitation to be social by encouraging shares and likes to expand your reach.

Online video allows potential customers to get to know your company without the “fear” of pushy sales tactics. Think about utilizing a short form video as part of your “About Us” page on your company website. We all know the old adage “Don’t tell me, Show me”, well video provides you the opportunity to SHOW your customers your firm’s values, missions, and organizational goals at work. Highlight employees, products, and upcoming projects giving a customer an inside view.

Video builds trust, engages us, and ignites emotions. Trust and emotional connection is a key part of every sale, by building on those before your customer even contacts you your close rate will significantly increase. Studies show that as much as 74% of consumers who watch a quality “How To” video for a specific product ultimately make the purchase. As a bonus, for most of us video is easy to consume as it doesn’t require a lot of lengthy reading, allowing us to become informed and engaged quicker, drastically speeding up the sales cycle.

Content, Content, Content. When used correctly video can provide powerful content to your website, content that Google loves. High quality video content can help improve your website’s rank in search, making it easier for customers to find you. When this happens, will your landing page be something that pulls them in?

According to an article in Forbes, video now generates three times as many monthly visitors to a website as plain sites. If video content generates additional traffic to your site, and keeps people there longer isn’t it time your marketing strategy encompasses the use of video? Considering that video increases your rank in search, brings more people to your site, and converts significantly more buyers than text only websites video hosted on your site is a sound investment in your overall business strategy.

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Originally published at on March 27, 2017.