For the Olympics to survive it must change starting right now
Xavier Toby

Fuck that – how’s about we stop using and abusing people…?! I gave precisely zero fucks about the Olympics in London, and even fewer about the Paralympics, especially since I’ve learnt that the organising committee has failed to keep a single one of its promises to the disadvantaged disabled people it used as ambassadors (not the word I wanted, but my brain isn’t functioning). They were promised new accommodation, or accommodation would be found for the ones who were homeless, they’d be offered support, care packages, help with whatever they needed help with – none of this has happened. There was an interview in the Guardian by Frances Ryan, a disability and human rights lawyer and campaigner, with a 55-year-old black guy, the proud son of Jamaican immigrants. He was homeless when he was an ambassador, and he was offered accommodation by Lewisham council, but it was at the top of a 15-storey block – with no lift. He can barely stand, never mind walk, but he took it lest he was dropped to the bottom of the list again. It’s filthy; the bathroom is unusable, the taps spew what looks like sewage, and the kitchen has no water at all! It technically has a living room, but the only things living in it are rodents and wasps. Frances is trying to get him moved as a matter of urgency, before he can’t move at all. I don’t fancy her chances, he’s black and disabled and if there’s one thing the Tories hate more than disabled people, it’s disabled people from ethnic minorities.