Whip It Good
Elease Colcord

GELATINE…?! IN TIRAMISU…?! 😳Don’t go anywhere near an actual Italian with that, will you…?! You’d likely not come out alive.

Tiramisu is one of the easiest things on Earth to make, the only danger is overcooking the custard; it’s Italian trifle and should be sloppy, not with custard the consistency of blancmange. When my mum makes it, it takes her around 30 minutes (not including ‘marinating’ the trifle sponges).

Traditional Italians say a tiramisu shouldn’t contain any alcohol but, those Italian chefs that do use it, use Tia Maria (because it’s Italian).

By the way, what’s your recipe for trifle…?

One more thing: thanks to your pic, I’ll have Devo stuck in my head for at least the rest of the day… 🙃

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