North Carolina governor embraces anti-transgender discrimination in heated debate
Zack Ford

Guess the composition of what you call Sudafed must be fundamentally different to what we do, because you can walk into any chemist or supermarket and pick up a 100ml (3.5floz)bottle for around £4 (which, at the rate the pound is falling, is probably around $4 now). The time-release decongestant caps are a bit more.

Does the US version still contain ephedrine (as opposed to pseudoephedrine as ours does)…? From my, albeit extremely limited, chemical knowledge, I had thought that there wasn’t all that much difference between the two chemically (and our government has a penchant for banning things for absolutely no reason other than they’re ‘bad’ – but, obviously, alcohol isn’t bad – and neither was coke when the conk it was being snorted up was attached to the former chancellor). Or is what you call Sudafed and what I do two completely different things…?

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