Freaking Out About November? I Have Good News
Brian Geddes

Okay, now imagine FPTP in an election where there are not 12 candidates, but 12 parties. And those 12 are just the main parties, it doesn’t include all the minor, single-policy parties, such as CISTA (Cannabis Is Safer Than Alcohol), or the Pirate Party (Arr! No, seriously, they’re anti draconian copyright legislation and mass surveillance).

Shortly after the ‘ConDems’ (Tory-Lib Dem coalition) was elected, we were given a referendum on AV; thing is, few people understand AV, which was probably why it was chosen, rather than the popular choice of PR. Had PR been the option, then I think the Tories would have lost their bet, because most people understand PR, and they’d have lost. AV was rejected through ignorance, not because people are happy with FPTP.

Over there, FPTP is less cruel, because you really only have 2 major parties, whereas we have 12 (which makes elections colourful, in every sense of the word). Sure the Tories and Labour are seen as the main two, but that’s really only because they’ve been in existence the longest.

In the last General Election, the SNP (Scottish National Party) gained 50 seats, a more than eightfold increase on the previous GE, where they won 6, this despite winning just 4.7% of the popular vote. The Liberal Democrats, due to the fact they’d made a pact with the devil by entering into coalition with the Tories, lost 57 seats, leaving them with 8, despite winning 7.9% of the vote.

UKIP won 12.6%, the combined total of the SNP and LDs, but only one one seat (thank fuck!). This is the one thing that makes me nervous about PR, especially with the clusterfuck that is Brexit is that, unless UKIP implodes, which it’s showing every likelihood of doing, then they’d likely win FAR more seats under PR. That said, Theresa is attempting to introduce measures (such as forcing schools, colleges and universities to hold a database of pupils and students who aren’t UK nationals and forcing businesses to do the same) measures which are making even UKIP feel decidedly queasy.