Locker Rooms and Toilets — We’re doing it wrong, and it’s not just an LGBT issue.
Ian Stevenson

One more point, slightly off-topic but still on the subject of discrimination, if someone presents you with a card explaining they’ve an IBD, or any other gastrointestinal disease/disorder/syndrome, and need to use your bogs like now, how’s about you show them some respect and courtesy by simply saying “Sure, no problem”, instead of getting the manager to demand they leave because facilities are for customers only…?! Had you granted them permission, you’d have had a customer.

Not everywhere is like that, mind you; I’ve heard about branches of M&S, Debenhams and John Lewis where staff have allowed people to use the staff loos if the public ones are full, but dept stores seem. to be like that, with coffee chains being the worst offenders (I’ve heard complaints about Starbucks, Costa and Caffè Nero)

I don’t understand the problem, and the ‘reason’ is always the same “I’m sorry, but it’s company policy, and if we broke the rule for you, we’d have to do so for everyone else”. So it’s “company policy” to be utter cunts towards disabled people with hidden disabilities, and you don’t possess a conscience, or a single shred of empathy…? Right, gotcha. Guess you won’t mind a bit of negative press, then…

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