A reader’s guide to shit The Sun writes
Paul Mason

Paul, mate, please don’t refer to the slack-jawed, bug-eyed, mono-braincelled – I can’t think of a description vile enough – Scum (and Mail/Express) scrawlers as journalists , they’re barely worthy of being called hacks.

A journalist has standards, morals, ethics; a journalist tries to the best of his/her ability to seek the truth and present it to their audience in as unbiased and disinterested manner as they possibly can and, if they inadvertently offend, they apologise immediately (or as soon as they possibly can) but they won’t shy away from causing offence if to try to not cause offence would mean they’d have to be less than truthful.

In my opinion, Paul Mason tries to be a journalist and, on the whole, he succeeds but, as someone who has no partial affiliation, he does, occasionally, cross the line into Corbynism. I’m not a massive JC fan, primarily because I find myself wanting to shake him and yell, “For fuck’s sake get your fucking shit together and provide effective and effectual opposition!” I can’t stand Diane Abbott, either. But that’s just me. I’m a Remainer* and with Emily Thornberry announcing that Labour won’t stand in the way of the government triggering Article 50, and the LDs being spearheaded by Tim Nice-But-Dim, the opposition is basically the SNP so, basically, there isn’t one.

Nobody but the far-Right would/could accuse Kelvin McKenzie of journalism. At least not with a straight face.

*or I would’ve been had I been able to vote, but until online voting is instigated I’m a tad stuck.