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  1. Should have, not should of
  2. Getting rid of the two party system would make fuck all difference unless you also change from first-past-the-post to something fairer (do you understand how FPTP works, or would you like me to explain it to you…?) I know this because I live in a country with TWELVE parties that regularly contest elections. With FPTP, the more parties there are, the unfairer it becomes. With FPTP a candidate can win a bigger share of the popular vote, yet still end up losing.
  3. Interesting – and perhaps very telling – that male/female wasn’t on that list. As for the rest, they’re called opposites; by definition only one thing can be the opposite of another, I learnt that when I was 5, but I attended a school where English was taught, I guess I should really make allowances for you as I know English isn’t your native language.
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