Why I Won’t Call Myself Vegan Anymore

The irony of being vegan and calling yourself a “health enthusiast” is evidently completely lost on you. There is no diet – and I mean none whatsoever – more unhealthy than vegan.

Oh and Forks over Knives was utter bullshit, as was The China Study on which it was based. Go and study human physiology and then decide whether you want to be vegan or not. All you’ve proved is your gullibility and inability to check facts. Forks over Knives wasn’t a documentary because it was completely fictional. Campbell falsified almost the entire study. Humans are the only animals to ascribe morality to food; a lioness doesn’t stop mid-hunt and question whether it’s morally justifiable to kill that zebra – she’s 4 ‘kids’ and a ‘hubby’ – what’s she gonna do – go back to the den and tell them to munch on the veldt…?! “Sorry, kids, mummy’s a vegan now, I just couldn’t bring myself to kill that poor zebra, she’s probably a mummy too and…and…”<starts sobbing>. Humans are carnivorous omnivores, we don’t need to eat plants, but we must eat meat.

Perhaps if we were still living out on the plains and tundra, or in the forests, like most First Nations/indigenous people, then veganism wouldn’t exist, because eating meat would be the only way to survive.

Being vegan is very, very, very, stupid.

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