My Dad Was a Successful Republican Businessman Who Worked Himself to Death…and Guess What, He…
Laura Borgendale

Thing is, Republicans are just like Tories; woe betides the little man who doesn’t pay his taxes, but if you’re a multimillion-or-billionaire, or a multinational, then paying tax is purely optional (our previous chancellor actually negotiated with Google over its tax bill, literally suggesting to it that it paid what it felt like paying, when it felt like paying it (and never was absolutely fine with him, but the plebs wouldn’t like it). It eventually paid just £130m, as some kind of a ‘goodwill gesture’, less than 10% of what it actually owed).

You can also avoid paying tax if you bung the Tories a few million (for every £1m, or part thereof, donated, save 10% on your tax bill! Donate over £5m – what tax bill…?).

Unfortunately, the last Labour government proved not to be above corruption, which is why we’re stuck with the Tories now (and are likely to be forever and ever unless we change the voting system). I’m not a massive fan of the current Labour opposition, Jeremy Corbyn has proven he’s far too easily swayed by union bosses and, whilst I realise that the Labour Party was born out of the trades union movement, and that the party is largely funded by the unions, they should not be allowed to dictate policy, any more than the multimillionaires and billionaires who donate to the Tories should be allowed to dictate policy.

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