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This appears to be a very odd thing to say – “enemies of American self-government”…? What can he possibly mean by that, who does he think the Democrats/Democratic Americans want to be governed by…?! Is there a Republican governor, congressman or senator who ISN’T paranoid because, looking at it from an outsider’s perspective, they all seem to be but, then, paranoia is a basic tenet of fascism – if you think they’re all out to get you, they probably are.

Now what about that poor wee bairn? Thankfully she seems to be okay, but what if she’d been hit so hard that she was concussed…? Left with permanent brain damage…? I’m almost 100% certain she and her family would have had overwhelming support from the community – and equally as certain her democratically elected representative would have done absolutely fuck all.

I honestly don’t know what else to say, I can only look on in abject horror, fear, and despair as both our countries become consumed by an evil we fought two world wars to destroy. I’m disabled, I’m sick, I’m stuck in bed without any access to healthcare, and I’m growing more frustrated and angry by the day.

Solidarity, friends



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