I have to use Medium on three different devices to get the experience I desire.
Stephen M. Tomic

What are you talking about…? I’m using the iOS app right now and it is, quite simply the most frustrating and annoying UX I’ve ever encountered. My feed is primarily – and I’d say arbitrarily – filled with ancient articles by people I don’t follow and who I have no intention of following (primarily entrepreneurial and business-related, I’m a bedridden autistic 40-something Brit who’s never been able to work in her life!). The Brit is the pertinent bit; I follow many political and activist blogs, but they never show up in my feed – however, if I visit the author’s website, I’ll find at least a half-dozen entries I’ve never read!

When it comes to ‘over there’, I follow Think Progress, Bullshit.lst, Slackjaw, Timeline, It Started With A Bang, and several others, but the noise-to-readable-article ratio has reached a point now where I’m about ready to say “fuck it!” The number of religious articles is going to be the straw – I’m an anti-theistic atheist, for fuck’s sake, pushing religion at me does nothing other than give me hypertension that there are people in that still believe the Earth and humanity was created by their imaginary friend – and worse, those who believe it’s only 6,000 years old and humanity was created from mud – and, worse, there are people in positions of authority who believe this shit to the point where they’ll use public funds to allow an Australian-American whack-job to build a replica of Noah’s Ark, because it’s EDUCATIONAL!!!! You REALLY need to get a handle on this separation of church and state thing, America.

Okay, rant over! Until I read another article about Betsy. I fear for the future of America (having said that we’ve got a whack-job for a PM who despite an almost 2 million signature petition, and mass demos, oh and a sham parliamentary debate has said that El Dorito will still be afforded a state visit because “It’s in Britain’s best interests” the monumental fuck-up of Brexit wasn’t enough, no! We have to be seen being BFFs with a mentally-unhinged sociopath!)

Okay rant over for really-reals now, promise!

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