What if Trump wins. Goodbye. Celebrity refugees
Adam Townsend

Y’know what made me smile…? The fact that you really don’t know when to use your and when it should be you’re.

In the beginning he was like “fuck it, I don’t have a fucking clue and I ain’t gonna bother guessing”; the we had tentative Adam who tried sticking a few ‘Es’ on the end, because he knew he had a 50/50 chance of being right. Then Adam tried apostrophes, but apostrophes and ‘E’…? Whoa, let’s not rush things here but, finally, Adam became Brave and Bold and Fearless and, by the end, Adam emerged Victorious! You didn’t end up being 100% right, but you Persevered and the world embraces those with the tenacity to conquer their demons.

Go Adam!