Day Thirty

Tuesday, July 26th

Today I got on a god-awful 4 AM shuttle when my flight didn’t leave until 9:30. Thanks, Barnes! I hate you! (Just kidding)

My time in the airport was interesting. I tried to sleep and failed. I hated the Ryanair people. I saw some drunk Americans waiting to go to Mykonos and some rude Greek teenagers yelling at a flight attendant on the way to Rome. I felt so much excitement to go to Rome and Venice, but when my flight took off and I watched the Greek mountains disappear, I felt a strange emotion hit me. I felt like every memory of the last month hit me all at once; I didn’t remember anything exact, but I felt the whole trip. I teared up and started shaking and crying, and I was then freaked out because I cry about two times a year and didn’t know how to react, but it happened. I guess I’ll miss Greece a lot.

This trip was incredible and will be worth the substantial student debt. Thank you, Barnes, for this incredible opportunity. Thank you, Greece, for your rich history, incredible people, and your food. I am thankful for the people I met, the drinks I had, the things I saw, the sea I swam in, all the dogs I petted and all the cats I chased, and I’m thankful for everything in between.

I’m now off to Italy, but I think a part of me will always be in Greece.


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