Day Twenty-Eight

Sunday, July 24th

It’s another free day, so we have another short but to the point entry:

Today Madi and I woke up still drunk at 8 AM. We decided to get breakfast. When we were at breakfast, we realized we were awake way too early and everyone else would be asleep for awhile because they hadn’t gotten back until 5 AM. Barnes came up for breakfast and we talked to him and then he fixed our AC, because we slept the whole night with no AC. Thanks! Best professor ever!

After that we laid around until one. A group of us got lunch and then went to the beach until six. We came back, got dinner, went to the cocktail bar again and enjoyed the time at the cocktail bar together when the power went out city-wide. Yay!

Last beach day in Greece :( I’ll miss this!
So hip
Really enjoy these people

Tomorrow we leave Naxos and it’s our last full day in Greece :(