Day Twenty-Five

Thursday, July 21st

Today when we woke up me, Jordan, Madi and Kelsey laid out for a couple hours. My face got burnt. Afterwards most of the group went together and got Chinese food for lunch (it was delicious!)

Afterwards we took a ferry to Naxos. This one was a lot calmer. I played a REALLY boring game of Uno with Barnes and friends.

When we got to Naxos we discovered that Naxos is amazing. The hotel we are at is so cute! Madi and I’s room was great and had a patio. The people who own the place are all really friendly and had food and refreshments ready for us when we arrived. We went and saw the sunset, which was amazing, and afterwards explored the town a little bit.

The sunset gets a Yelp review of three stars, if I’m being generous

We had gyros for dinner and they were so good! I got a chicken bacon one that was probably my favorite gyro of the trip. Afterwards some of us went to a bar and got five euro cocktails that were delicious. Some people then went and did karaoke, but I am not a karaoke person unless I’m blackout drunk, so I stayed there for a while with Madi and Avina. It was a good night!