Day Twenty-Six

Friday, July 22nd

Today was our first full day in Naxos. So far I definitely like Naxos better than Santorini. If for no other reason, the drinks are cheaper and it’s less crowded.

We had a different tour guide today named Antonis. He was very talkative and gave us a lot of info on the bus. I didn’t mind it because I got sleep the night before and wasn’t deathly hungover, but some people were definitely struggling after karaoke. I learned that Naxos has 18,000 people and Naxos was the second best island in all of Europe on Trip Advisor in 2015.

Marble from Naxos was really big in ancient times. The marble statues of Naxos adorn many sites, such as Crete, Delphi, Attica, etc. Our first site of the day was the statue Flerio. It had Egyptian influence and was gorgeous. It wasn’t preserved and was just laying on the ground, which was incredible to see just laying there. The statue was of a young boy; you can see the details of his hair. The statues were so great on Naxos not only because of marble, but also emery. While looking at this statue, I just listened to the bugs and the wind and looked up into the big tree standing above us and just felt very at ease.

Statue of Flerio

Afterwards we went to the small town of Halki. Halki is STUNNING. We went to a distillery from 1896 and had some liquor made from citrus leaves. I liked the green one! It was seriously the cutest town that I wish I could have blown a lot of money at. I didn’t buy this necklace I wanted or this compass I also wanted, so I practiced restraint. I did buy some of that liquor and a water bottle of raki that I plan on tricking friends with.

The top left picture is from the distillery, the middle top is the compass I wanted, and the rest are pictures of Halki.

Now we went to see this really awesome potter that didn’t speak any English but made some really dope pottery. I learned here that I have very expensive taste in pottery, because I swear all the pottery I liked were the only expensive pieces in the entire place. I bought a Cup of Justice, which is so cool and will help me feel like I’m a classy Greek dude at an ancient symposium.


After this we went to the Temple of Demeter. It was dedicated to Demeter because of a beautiful view of the landscape. The floor was made of clay to help add to the feeling of being in nature. The walk up to it was memorable because the stone on the stairs was really sparkly and I wanted to take the pieces home with me.

A really bad panoramic picture of the Temple of Demeter

After this (I swear we did so much today) we went to the plaka beach. It was very pretty and clear but the water was fairly cold. Had some Mexican food that was the most Tex-Mex meal I have had in a very long time.

Plaka views

Dinner was good but slow. Barnes sat at our end of the table for once and got to enjoy very great discussions, such as how we thought we were on acid at the music lesson. We didn’t go out or anything this night because some people were getting up at a disgusting hour to go on an incredible hike to the top of Mount Zas (ZAS QUEEN ZAAAAAS) but I just got in bed to sleep in. Tomorrow is a free day!