To the Nazis and the Nazi Charlottesville Sympathizers

I saw your stunts. I saw what went down. I’ve seen the coverage from VICE News. And I’ve got some words for you. Anyone coming at me with this rhetoric and vile speak, listen close:


You threaten my existence.

You threaten my family’s existence.

You threaten my friends’ existence.

You threaten my brothers, my sisters, my extended family.

You threaten my allies and the torchbearers of peace, happiness, and equality for all people.

You threaten my rights.

You threaten my ability to contribute to society.

You will not get away with this. You try that shit with me, you are gone. See me in these streets if you think I’m playing, cuz y’all talk too damn much.

To those who sympathize or seek to use MLK to deny my anger:

You will not intellectualize the arguments of those who seek to kill, maim, rape and enslave people off of the color of their skin or where they were born or what god they pray to.

You will not tell me that “violence begets violence” and that I am no better than them.

You will not tell me that love = non-violent action.

To love is to have passion — unbridled passion. A devotion to someone, something or ideas. Love is not a uni-dimensional state of mind or emotion. To love is to feel sad, to feel joyous, to feel anger.


If you seek to destroy them, I will protect them with my life.

Sincerely and Truthfully,


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