Let’s Go There

When I was a little kid I was always the shy one.

Something most people didn’t realize about me was that I wasn’t shy because I was afraid (sometimes I was-let’s be honest), but I was shy because I was too busy observing the world around me.

It seemed like I couldn’t go a second without my mind taking me someplace else entirely, and when I wasn’t somewhere else in my crazy imagination I was quietly observing other people: how they interacted with one another, how the world reacted to their actions, and how that defined them.

That shy kid made me who I am today.

I continue to observe my world, and absorb an overwhelming abundance of data that is the media, relationships both past and present, family dynamics, business culture, political affiliations, and so. much. more..

The problem with most people is they choose to statically sit in all of that, rather than to learn from each day and determine how those observations can begin to carve out a path for the future.

You know the innocent feeling you get when you’re a kid and you get a big idea? Something potentially grand in size, maybe even impossible by all physical limitations?

I have a theory. I believe that the particular feeling such an experience of primal curiosity produces is that same spark that has fueled some of the most influential minds of our time, people who have gone on to change history forever.

Unfortunately, I also think the older people become, the less they let that innocent curiosity into their life, and the less they let that spark activate their mind. Little do they know their safety becomes a blind hindrance.

This is a problem.

One of my life goals is to show people the power of that curiosity, and the potential impact of letting that spark ignite something transformative.

As a young investor I am always trying to immerse myself, and do my best to create an ecosystem for this mindset, but as a person I am beginning to recognize there is a greater need outside of the business world for such a thing.

Humanity is longing for it.

So, my promise to you is that I am going to take what I have gathered in my life thus far and do what I can to actively try on a daily basis to build a community of people around me that are thinking big and letting that spark define their next move-everyday.

Just remember:

You could be someone special. You’ve got fire in your eyes, I’ve seen heaven inside, and you’ll go further than we’ve ever gone.

Let’s go there.

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