Well, I hate being Sales but this is how I manage to be happy with this shit

Well, I don’t know where to start right now. I’m a Sales for 2 years but one secret is, I hate my job. Its took me almost 2 years to realize how to deal with these shit and I would love to share since I don’t want anyone out there suffered as I was :)

  • Finding your own motivation: Well, set your own WHY. Why you are doing this job. You can either motivated yourself by think around your amazing products and see how it’ll effect your customer OR you can just motivated yourself by calculate commission and think about how money can make your life better.
  • Failure is normal: Half of people who hate sales job will say, “ Hey, I hate having target”, “This is too pressure” and etc. Trust me, they all just afraid to be failed. Fact is, we all failed before success and that’s super normal. IT’S FINE IF YOU DO NOT HIT YOUR TARGET FROM THE VERY FIRST QUARTER. Don’t panic, don’t look down to yourself, all you have to do is keep doing, keep adding pipeline and your result will come out one day.
  • Stop comparing yourself with others: There are lots of competitive work as Sales but what you should do is not comparing yourself with anyone especially the one, who start their path before you. Same as above, all you have to do is keep doing, keep adding pipeline, and your result will come out one day.
  • Talked to passionate people: Even though there are lots of people like us, but there are group of people who love this job too. Ask them why, talk to them and this will automatically motivate you somehow.
  • Sharing is caring: Talk to your team on how are they doing with their job, what are their problem and help when you can. If you can’t help, find someone who can. Find something that you will feel more valuable rather than keep focusing on your target and left everyone else behind.
  • Appreciate your result: No matter what your result is, appreciate your hard work and result. Be happy with a little thing sometime, celebrate when you seeing yourself stepping stone. It’s good to cheer to yourself sometime, but not too much. You can’t stop working and just only celebrate 😛

Apart from all of these, what I want to highlight is: Being Sales is all about your mindset. One quote I really love is “Believe you can and you are half way now

It’s not easy to work on something you dislike, but this is how being adult is.