Save Money With Public Transport

I absolutely love taking Taxi/Uber/Grab to get from one place to another. It’s convenient and at times, reasonably priced. Plus, I hate the crowded train rides.

However, with the $10,000 goal, I really need to start saving. What better way to save than to use the cheaper transport alternative — public buses/trains.

Here’s how I saved more money and have pleasant transportation. *mostly applies in Singapore*

Concession Pass

In Singapore, we have a transport card called Ezlink Card. We basically tap the Ezlink to take public transports. When I was a student, monthly concession for both trains and busses can cost $51. As an adult, each trip can easily cost me $2–3. So, each day, I’ll be paying $2–6 for transport. Sometimes, more. It’s not easy to live in Singapore with such expensive standard of living. However, I have applied for concession. Every pay day, I’ll get the monthly concession for both bus and train. That costs me $120.

Some argue that it wastes money as I might not actually spend $120. To me, once I pay for that $120, I don’t have to worry about overspending my monthly budget. It’s easier for me to calculate the exact transport spending.

Non-Peak Concession

This is great! Non-peak concession pass is not only cheaper but non-peak period means less crowd. Win-win situation for you. Unfortunately, my work schedule puts me in a peak period so this doesn’t work for me.

Plan Your Route

Before you embark on your journey, it’s best to know how you’ll reach your destination. There are apps that can help you do this. I love to simply use Google Map. It’s simple and lets me know the multiple ways I can get to my destination. This helps to save time!

Also, it’s good to have a basic knowledge of North-South-East-West. For example, going from Tampines to Yishun is way faster by bus than it is by train. However, from Tampines to Commonwealth is faster by train than bus.

Hence, it’s important to always look at your options.

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