613- Design Challenge — Phase 1

For this challenge we go to create the world that we wanted to solve a problem for. But it is difficult to come to a unanimous decision on what type of world we wanted to create. So we decided to break it down and operate on a majority rules basis.

First we began posting all our ideas on the board with sticky notes. No idea was criticized or disapproved. All judgements were to be held back. For example we had one suggestion that was about a World ruled by cats. The purpose of accepting all idea, is because we wanted to create a positive environment. What’s the point of creating hostility within the group before the project gets started. Then we organized each idea based on the general problem they tried to solve, such as Climate, Social, Tech ,etc. We had over 20 sticky notes posted with ideas.

Once all the ideas were organized, we began to explain our ideas. Remember we began to EXPLAIN our ideas, not JUDGE others, or DEFEND our own. We would ask question for clarification and moved on. Then each members received three votes. Everyone got chance to put a checkmark beside the ideas they liked. The ideas that did not receive a vote was removed. I like this methodology because it removed the aspect of defending your own idea.

Although majority of the concept were removed, we still had a lot of work to do. With the remaining world, We all began to put sticky notes on what type of problem that world could have. For example a world with mortality could mean endless war, population crisis, etc. Everyone member posted what their the idea of a world problem could be, then we began to take turns explaining our ideas. Once the process was complete we began voting again.

This time we only received one vote. We were finally able to narrow about 20 topics into our top three. Which were:
1. Scenario where sun had had burnt out / eternal darkness exists on the planet
2. People Forced to Speak the Truth
3. Human Don’t Age

After what felt like an Eternity, we decided to give it a rest. We were able to narrow down our top three choices. We decided to give ourselves 2 days to think over it and decided that the following Monday which topic we wanted to vote for, with a majority rules system.

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