DEI 613- C2: Majority Rules

Two days later we all met up together to finally decide which topic we will work on. So we wrote out world on a board, and we began to branch of what the type of problem we will be facing.

We began to connect similar ideas, and continue to brainstorm until we felt like we covered everything. Then the vote began. One person voted for a world with no aging, one person voted for a world without sunlight and three people voted for no lying. Naturally world without lying was decided based on the majority rules system. Now it was time for the hard part, which was deciding what type of world we will be creating, what the problem will be and how we will present the project.

Before we created the solution for our problem we decided to do a sacrificial concept. We broke down every aspect of the world. Just think about, what would a world without lying be to you? Is it a utopia where everyone is happy or a dystopia where it’s government regulated? Our group chose dystopia. But we had narrow down our scope because there were too many loose end when we tried to make it a societal.

First we thought of a device that can detect lies, we eventually created contact lenses that can see the physiological changes in a human body when they lie , such as heart beat increasing, eye movement etc. ( Yes we did alot of research on lying before coming up with this idea). Then we began discussion ( more like arguing) how this product would relate to society.

Is this a commercial product? Is it government regulated? Can teachers control the technology so student can’t use it in school? The broader our scope went the longer the argument took. We decided to narrow our scope. We decided that this is a legal equipment the law enforcement use to catch criminal. Our goal is to help these criminal beat the system.

Now that we finally decided on the problem we were facing, it was time to create the solution. Now we had more questions than answers. Is it a device? Is it something we implant into our bodies? or is it something we carry around.

We continued to deliberate our various option until we decided on nanotechnology that flow through your bloodstream. Finally the pieces of the puzzle were falling in place.

We began to think of how we will present the project. We decided on creating a video, an invitation and product pitch. Stay tuned to see how it all turns out!!

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