DEI 613: Design Project (1): Back to the Drawing board.

Welcome Back!

The last time I wrote a blog I was writing about making a crossbow and spears. The short version of the story is that I had to scrap both those ideas. Need more detail? Well there two reason for why I’ve change my idea. First of all the cost and time is too much for someone living a student life. With 3 part time jobs, 4 courses, and 3 client based projects that requires weekly group meetings and other commitments, I just frankly don’t have the time to commit. Adding to that point the cost of renting the tools I needed was more than I expected. Second reason is after a few criticism from my peers I’ve realized I bit more than I can chew.

So what is my new design idea? It is a body armour for the Na’vi people. After rewatching the avatar movie I’ve realized that Na’vi people does not have anything that protects them from bullets, arrow, or any other weapons.

As you can see in this image above, these brave warriors are running into battle with sheer guts, strength and will power but no protection. Like the old saying goes “ A good offence is a good defence”. I’m hoping that this armour will reduce a significant amount of casualties.

My idea is a simple armour that covers the chest and back.

This is the basic idea of my armour. Creating two separate plates and having it attached by weaving several string through it. It’ll be an arm cut style in order to ensure that mobility is not reduced. I plan on designing the plate by lines that matches the war paint of the Na’vi.

This is an ariel view of what I’m hoping the armour would look like. The neck is essentially create by two separate piece of armour that is tied together by strings ( represented by the pink lines)

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